Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"

hey, nice game but theres a glitch and really i know it is....at one point on the third level i layed an egg then almost imediately died right after. Then when i hatched the animation frame of the fish flached, and was stuck in the wall, this wall was very far back from the last egg checkpoint. the glitch was ongoing for about 20 seconds...after that i lost all three eggs from one death leading to a game over. im sure this was a rare glitch so you dont have to fix this...anyways i see you worked really hard on both story and gameplay, and dont even forget about the amazing rythem in the levels themself

good job! :3

Very fun game indeed. I've beat it a hand full of times over the past year and i'm sure I will continue to do so in the future.

I love the art style and animation. I particularly like how everything moves to the beat. The only problem I really have is the controls are a little bit slippery, But than again that makes it a little bit more Challenging so I can live with that. And although the game itself is quite fun, the music used made the game what it is.

Keep up the good work.

It's ok.

I got bored with it after the first level. Maybe a little hard, the music should be more fast paced. An incoming before something just explodes would be helpful =) other than that great concept

I need training wheels. T_T

I get past the first pillar to broken by falling pillars. I make it past the falling pillar to get broken by shrapnel from the exploding statue. I get past the falling pillar and statue until the shrapnel follows me because it's heat seeking shrapnel. I make it past the falling pillar and heat seeking shrapnel so the statue blows up again in order to crush me with shoulder shrapnel.

I like games that are challenging so I'm not upset that parts of the game exist for the sole purpose of killing me. Games I can complete without dying once aren't worth trying. However, everything I described in my first paragraph is a bit much for the first 30 seconds of game play. Can you hold off on heat seeking shrapnel missiles until level 3? -_-


that wizard is a bitch! its a fun short game but ugg, it took forever to kill him!