Reviews for "Glass Fish Rhythm"


i love the secound beat so much

NES Hard

This game is all about timing and pattern memorization. Something that I am not too good at. But this is still a great game. And has good graphics, music, and sound effects. 7/10 4/5.

Awww... I am such a humble fish

A lot easier than I thought it would be based on the reviews. Just take it slow and go with the beat, especially inside the whale. I wish there were more levels!!! Fun game , especially since most of the achievements involved finding different ways to kill yourself. JUST WISH YOU COULD LAY EGGS IN THE BOSS CHAMBER. I also liked the ending sequence a lot, cute finish.

Nice game.

I had fun playing the game, loved the music and the fact that 1 touch SHOULD kill a glass fish, creative levels and cute ending. The problem for ME at least is getting all the achievements IN the game. If you don't mind, can ya help? I'm missing like 5 and have no clue how to get em'. Again, great job!


Way to hard for something so simple. Not interesting enough to make me wanna keep playing... Got pissed off on the second level with the freak'n sharks.