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Reviews for "Tale of the Dolphin King"


it was eh the beggining was funny but the switch ruined it but "A" for efort and i bet this was your first movie too

it twas k

it was ok at the beginning but the switch to the random fingers talking and stuff realy ruined it for me .....but i gave two extra points for effort :)

ehhh okay.

It started out very good and i loved the joke with adding the "iron bars" to the sides of the screen, but i kinda just got bored with it and the quality wasnt very good either.

hahah i thought that was the best part

when the toast screamed lol best part but i mean cartoon could have been longer

Good Godd but...

Yo Get 5 Stars not to be mean or Anythig i liked it, but from the Quallity and the Sound, it looks a Little Stolen