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Reviews for "Shadow is EMO"

*laughs aloud and thinks of youtube*

Oh Man, johnnylasso------>
This sh*t was so funny! I mean, that is if you're into watching parodies of Sonic. Gah. . .I remember watching this dude's video on youtube and laughing my @zz off. You took it to a "Ho Novah Levull" with this flash! I mean, who couldn't at least giggle, watching this thing. This is honestly your first flash? I can't believe that! It's REALLY good, Man! Keep it up. Looks like we're gonna have ourselves ANOTHER very talented flash artist here @ NG.
The only suggestion I have, is maybe you could have a link, or at least the guy's username from youtube posted up here. I know there's no real legality issues, but still. Hell, the people who are already big fans of that vid, might LOVE this one too if you posted it there, with a link to your NG page. Heh heh heh Congratulations on a 1st flash well done, johnnylasso!
I sure hope to see more by you, soon. Until that day comes. . .

..............Take care, be good and fear milk.period


lol he is afraid of milk.
Very good I wish it was longer

now, that was funny

two things: I didn't know that emos (if that's what you call them) are afraid of milk, and what if shadow was watching it!!!

johnnylasso responds:

haha lol its ot my invention... you can watch that guy on youtube...


A little better than average.
At the end, the lips were a little off from the sound... maybe it was just Sonic's connection to Youpoop.