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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush 2"


awesome game! 1 thing you should do is make a pause menu, the phone rang and when i came back i was dead. and make it so the other planets/suns/ect. collide too so the dont gather up and shit, i got 42,600 points and a whole bunch of universes that where together just sucked me in and i died.
but your game is awesome! im waiting for the sequel.

What the hell?

there was this like glitched galaxy and its gravity brought me in and it killed my to the yellow sun! :(


Awesome game really stimulates reality and is fun too. Also below the acutal force of gravity is that strong and its hard to control because of something called inertia.

thatguy, have you seen Jupiter? it's almost the size of the sun! so yeah, stars are near the size of planets. expert game too.

one of my favorite games on this site. definetly a must play!