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Reviews for "Ripples"

Not bad, but needs a little tinkerin.

As a game, graphics were ok. Concept was alright. Depth, as far as the stone throwing was exceptional...
But variation... there wasn't a lotta that. It got monotonous very fast my friend.
:D but not bad, as long as I DID hit play again, I'm not giving it anything under a 6.
And for the depth-work, you get a 7 :P

To sum it up, bad, no. But a bit monotonous, yes. 0.0

Interesting Game

-Music > Nice and relaxing, fit the art of the game.
-Art > Everything was nicely drawn, especially the sky.

-Frantic Pace > When I fist started the game, I thought it would be a nice relaxing and relaxing tossing some rocks at some boats. Instead I was quickly chucking rocks as fast as possible just to stay in the game for a bit longer and it didn't seem to fit well with the theme.

This was a pretty decent game that was different then much of what I have seen on NG. The pace of the game (frantic) simple didn't match the music (relaxing) or the scenery (subdued). Perhaps you could have two modes, evening and afternoon. Evening would be what the game is now, but with few boats to throw at making it a relaxing diversion. Afternoon would have the pace of the current version, but with brighter scenery and faster music.



Umm.. Its okay... But the ripples dont reach the boats that are like, 1 centimeter above.... Its like saying the ripples only go side to side! And the ships come relentlessly!

fun... for 5 minutes

Sinking paper ships with rocks: fun. The background is nice, the water effects are also pretty, it's a quite well-made game. Too bad it gets boring after about 5 minutes, maybe it should feature something that makes it less repetitive.
But for that 5 minutes it definitly worth playing!