Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"


wow this is a sweet game i love this 10 all the way!!

very creative

i gt mugged and died at yung adult, but ill keep tryng!


Magnificent game, but I really loved the song Sadness and Sorrow v.2. It made the game for me. Just one thing, when I selected the option to start smoking to make my parents mad, I died. This isn't wierd, but it said I died of a stab wound, like when the mugger attacks me.


I liked the game, I died at 130 years but without girlfriend nor wife or childs. Never had a relationship.

Great Game

But I'm hating the stats but that's because I'm weird like that :P. I got a Retarded, Ugly, Wealking who was A Delightful Charmer. hmmm, I doubt that.