Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

Awesome game!

One of the best games i played !!
lol messing around the 3rd time and i got my char killed by getting so wasted at the party Lol. (the first run i got a good end though ^^) Keep up the good work!


I died at the age of 5 because auf lighting a match.

the music is sad wene you die

cool its blah

I was su prised by the roll

CHA: life of the party
STR: Arnold
ATT: hot
keep up the good work

P.S. can't wait for medals

This game is pretty cool.

Its in depth and addictive, i cant wait for the medals to come out.

Also: xDOAxShadowWolf We CAN swear on NG, The minimum age here is 13, i think they could handle damn, or shit piss and cunt, it really doesn't matter you fucking cock muncher.