Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"


Awsome game and music, Keep up the good work guys


Its almost like the Final Destination movies


i died of age at 100,my guy was a genius,attractive but he was firm and unhealthy (it said in stats)


its the best game iv evr played except 1 thing....i was an actor/surgeon with a gorgeous wife and 1 kid and like 10k but then all of a sudden it said murdered....but hey i got 27,000 points

Great Game!

Addicting really! Play it once a day, my best was today when i got a 10/10 husband, i was beautiful, life of the party, a genius, and a body builder, i got the most expensive ring, had 3 great children, the job that had the most money, and died at age 130 :D
i played it again, and i was the lowest on everything XD
and i died of a murder...