Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

Makes you wonder...

My Rate: 10/10
I like this game a lot. This game actually had me thinking a little. All these situations are based on things that can happen in life. Honestly, I'm a little scared it might jinx my future...
Haha of course, its all a game. I kind of don't like some situations though. Some of them would have better answers to them. I'm not telling which so I don't spoil the fun.

Awesome game though.


Got 2 age 100 then died


Love it!! please make more!!

Very Cool

I got super lucky, the second best in every stat. I lived to be 130. I had a daughter. And i gave my wealth to my family. This game is very addicting and lifelike. Please, make a second one. This game is amazing. My Ending Stats: HP: Unhealthy, Str: Body Build, Att: Attractive, CHA: Life of the party, Int: Genius

Simply love it.Ask a friends for a condom and have sex XD