Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

I love choose-an-option-type games like this!

I have a lot of books like this too. I loved the game. A second part would be cool, but you should experiment with different themes. Maybe one about what you should do as the president? or one where you play the role of god? That would be interesting.

I died from the gangsters or wateva ther called



I was 110 hard as a nail ,genious,delightfull,below average att,and had 3 kids it was fuuuuuunnnnnn

Epic Fa-... Win?

A lot better than I thought. Any game that asks an old man what he wants to do today with a responce of: SWING THE SWING DAMNIT! Is awsome.

good ending

started as Arnold Schwarzenegger;Charming
Fugly and smart died on age 90