Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

Good game!

But I always get a bad ending with a score of 6140 XD


awesome game! too sad my 1st gf died of an heart attack q.q
btw. made 120years and 74155 points


Awesome game.

I got a score of 42135, two kids, two wives, and I lived to age 110. Awesome.

I was gutted when my first wife suddenly died of cancer though :s

Love it!

Wow, what a great game. I don't know why but after playing this I feel kinda good about myself. I liked everything about it. The events that took place where cool, and it makes you use your imagination. Although I think you should make the other options a little more noticeable imo. But other then that great game bro and I hope you can make another one of these.

Good game...

It makes one wonder the type of life each of us have to go through though.