Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

Why the hell do my partners keep dying omg

I appreciate your efforts to combine both Real Lives and Alter Ego, two of my favourite games. This version is rather enjoyable. The graphics are not very well made but this might be one of your first games so this is understandable. I hope you make a downloadable version some day.

This game can tell very sad stories.
One of my characters had a realy cruesome life man! He was fighting all his life, a true warrior with a STR like Chuck Norris. He was also doing well in Job, and reached ranks of a senior officer in the army. But all the partners he got died from heart attack/suicide etc. and so he decided to suicide himself as he could not bear the losses anymore. So sad. Random events are overpowered...

This was fun! I got number twenty-four for the month. X3
I would get into more detail, but I think others have did it better than I could. >w>
Kind of because I can't really describe my feels. It gets kind of sad the first few play through at the end, but...
Crap. I lost my train of thought...

Gameplay: 4/5 [All fine but the starting stats affect the gameplay]
Graphics: 3/5 [Like a collage, but a good collage]
Fun: 5/5 [I hade A LOT of fun playing this]
Sound/Music: 5/5 [Personally I liked the music]
Creativity: 4/5 [I've seen other life recreating games, but this is the best]
I have never tought the human life would be so hard and with a lot of choices. Awesome game :)