Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

my stats

int genius
att beautiful
cha delightful
str feeble old man
died at age of 80


These are my stats
INT : Genius
ATT : Hot
CHA : Social Outcast
STR :Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good Game

Wow. Just wow.
Great stuff.

I was unattractive and repulsive but I as strong and I was smart.
I lived to be 120 years old. I died a virgin. I lost 2 major competitions, but I won the competition for the 20k c at age 110. I died a healthy man. I had a good ending.

Very satisfactory game. Great ork. Please make more.


This was a masterpiece. Great music(you should put it in audio portal). Love the the idea of a point and click life simulator, can't wait for the next one.


great music and all wow made me think