Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

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This game has fantastic potential, but the rough nature of it causes it to fall short. Some of the stuff that happens seems random, and I mean nonsensical random that should've been taken care of in bug checks, not real life random. It's pretty much impossible to get a good score in the game if you start off with poor stats. There's always one "good" choice, and if you don't have the stats to pick it then you just wind up getting worse and worse until you die of something ridiculous like magically undiagnosed cancer at age seven.
Similarly, some things seemed heavily biased. I played this game maybe fifteen times in a row, and I did not have a single first boyfriend who did not die of cancer in the young adult stage. The options always have the same responses, you either have the stats for it or you don't, or it was one of the "bad" options and nothing good ever comes of it. It takes the randomization out of a game that's supposed to be based on life.
Finally, and this is personal preference, I feel like it'd be a better idea to make the shop items renewable, otherwise the money system is sort of wasted, and to have a few more ways to make yourself healthier would be nice.

Huh... a text based life simulation game with an actual goal!? O_O Say it ain't so.

Really, this is one of my new favs. Very addictive and it has a wide array of possiblities.

played this on y8 coundent post my score came here rateted five and dance in joy!