Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

*adds name Chuck Norris* stats i got: dumb beautiful feeble old man charming Healthy

I really enjoyed this creative, relaxing game. It had a good sense of humor and so many interesting questions and outcomes. I can't give five stars do to the stat generator at the beginning, i don't really like that because you could be born weak and that affects the whole game. If a sequel would be made, make the stats start at 0 and changed based on the decisions made. Great game, highly recommended for those who enjoy "choice" games.

This is a very fun simulation. With some very relaxing music. This made my Saturday. I love the part with the guy in the van. I purposely went inside with him, though. Unfortunately, that ending wasn't as funny as I'd hoped. It's sad, though. There are weirdos like that in real life.

Having lived a full life, the ending oddly affected me emotionally. I had grown attached to John Doevexal (I add Vexal to the end of things. It's like my "thing"). I deeply enjoyed this game. It had humor, was fair, and was just great. I can't give you a higher score, though, because I think having good stats makes the game. I started with good stats, and reached the oldest age, but on my second playthrough, I only reached 90 due to being born pretty much a loser in the stat department. Maybe in a sequel or remake (which I definitely hope you make), change the stat system. "This ain't a porn game" gets me every time! XD

It's a nice little game of life with some relaxing music