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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Very good

Great game! Here's a glitch: when you try to do the wall flip to your left, it sometimes doesn't work when there is more than 1 block stacked to your left... but always works with several when jumping to the right...
Another one: when you stand on a block and a nearby block goes right next to you without hitting you, it squishes you anyways...
Other than that, great!


No one can say no to this game. Its so fun thank you for making a wonderful game!

great game

i went 2minutes without jumpin


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Now THAT is an diffirence!

Wow this is a bit diffirent!
Instead of letting you select where the blocks fall, you are a hero and need to dodge them! nice! I have seen the movie. Awesome as well!

Keep up the good work, OK? I would like to see a v2!