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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Fix the glitches.

You need to fix your glitches, I'm sure you know what they are, since they happen so often.

Also why is there a longer and longer recharge time after each wall jump, that makes getting 6 in a row near impossible.

jumping sucks

get the jumping back where it actually works


Your programing is a little off. Might wanna check that out.


-Acknowledging bugs in your game and not fixing them just labels you as a lazy programmer.
-The Up + Right Glitch is a game killer it should have been fixed instead of put into a facts and tips section.
-Yes the Ninja medal is not impossible but it is pretty much down to luck if your wall jump key wants to work on not.

All in all this game has potential to be a great game but all the bugs in it, you do know you can update your game to fix the bugs right? Seeing how this has been out for almost 2 years I'm assuming you are just going to abandon it and never fix the bugs, so NO STARS FOR YOU.

alpha build? it was almost fun. pity it's not playable.