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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Good game overall

The game is really fun overall, but there's some bugs that make it frustrating sometimes. Like when you sometimes get killed when standing next to a block when it falls down, yet you don't actually get squished.

Good game!

Really think this is a good game, though the controls are fine to understand, using them is a little weird, Just my oppinion.

good idea, poorly executed

This is an extremely interesting good game idea that has been poorly executed in regards to programming. I can't tell if the code needs to be completely scraped or if there are just parts that need to be redone. I can, however, tell that the triggers are faulty and to fix that the triggers must use/obtain more information.

I suggest you find a more experienced programmer to look over the work and provide you with some insight. This game has the potential for a very good second release.

I don't mean to insult the programmer but if you make and get turned down by you programmer very many times, you should definitely get a new programmer (unless these were late in the process).


OMG! TOO MUCH GLITCHES!FIX THAT Seriously! I died in the tutorial

ok game

i love this game