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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"


cobra you're a game/video creator GOD

Super !!!

I like this game !!!

hey its ultimate

just wanted to congradulate u on all the new stuff uve been doing and all the honors and daily 3rd places and suff like that pretty cool just wanted to say hi havent spoken in 2 years l0l

i think...

i was unique, different and unusual but fun, i never really have come across a game off avoiding tetrominoes lol.
u should make 2 player sequel one player controls tetris blocks another the stickman.
also have it so u move around and theres more space to dodge, that would be a fun twist.
obviously it could take months to do this but reckon it'll be worth it.
2 more things:1 also maybe have survival mode and story mode with like aboss after afew levels firing tetris blocks.
2:good game 10/10 5/5 2/...
u know wat i mean ;D

Difficult at 5 minutes and beyond...

When I got to 5 minutes I couldn't even see my guy anymore. At that point i'm like yep im screwed