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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"


My only complaint is the glitch when you get pwned for no apparent reason. I was doing very well wena all of the sudden I got squished :(

great game

fix the music though it sounds like it was recorded through headphones


I went through the blocks under me when trying to do the K move a few times.

Two recommendations:

1. You could try making the area where the blocks fall larger. That may also give the wall jump a use.

2. Improve the music quality/add other tracks. I don't mind waiting more for it to download.

Thanks for making this and the animations, I really like them.


That was amusing indeed. The Tetris remix plus simple game mechanics made it truly enjoyable. However, there are a few movement glitches like if you run towards a wall while holding the jump button you freeze. But other than that, pretty much flawless. Nice job.

Best Game on Newgrounds.

In my own opinion it's the best game on Newgrounds. Only problem from making it the greatest game on the internet for me is because its glitchy at some points. Also not for sure if it's to make sure you can't beat the system and get a big time score on time (Wow that sounds weird) using wall jump which you can only do twice.