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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Needs a little work...

The collisions are a little off. Sometimes if the stick figure is on the side of a block with another on top of it and you press "K" you go through the block and die.


Fun: +9
Glitches: -1
Sound: +1
Moves: -1
Origin: +1

Really fun game! There is a glitch though, if you use K near the side of a wall, you'll climb into the wall, and die. Other than that great! Good music, but quality of sound isn't good. Wall jump doesn't work very well. I'm glad they made a game out of the animations! Despite minor gameplay issues, 9/10!

It's just like the movie!

Very good...but there ARE a few glitches that automatically kill you, but still, VERY GOOD!

The game glitches out occasionally (especially when you begin to last a longer time) but that didn't stop me from enjoying this game a lot.

my record is a little more than 300, that was before i had an account. this game is just awesome, it has a way of making you wanna play more, you know?