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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Its good!

Its good, but like people are saying there are still some bugs. For me, I kept dieing randomly from nothing. I would jump and instead I would just get squished from nothing. But I love the game play, very adicting.


Great game, loved both videos. But the music quality is a lot lower then the videos.

Just a couple of bugs

Man I am very adicted to this game, tho I do notice that some times I will land on top of a brick that just landed and it will suck me under and kill me, and every so offten I can not climb/flip up a block if I'm trying to go to my left... Other wise... SICK!

i love this game

this game is really good i love playing him BTW what the thing of the meadal score? im new here so i dont know a lot

cobra0528 responds:

If you check your page, you'll see that you get medals for playing certain games. This is one of them!

Tetris is awesome...

but this is just MORE awesome.