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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"


Dude in the tutorial 2/3 i was jumping against the wll and the game glitched and it looks like im humping the wall! nice game!


This game is fun but very hard

Wonderfully addictive

Great job! I loved it. The music was as addicting as the gameplay. I was playing it for a while without the sound, but once I started playing with the sound I found myself doing a ton better.
Anyway, I had seen the previous "Tetris'D" Movies elsewhere, and had thoroughly enjoyed them. I am happy to say that the game also matches my expectations.

One of masterpieces from Stickpage.

This piece of Flash is one of the most creative and awesome game from Stickpage.com if Animator Vs. Animation 2 is the best movie from the site. This game makes me feel exactly like I am the protagonist in the movie version myself. Good job.

a chalange

i dare you all to jump the blocks when falling for 4 minutes (my score 4min 23 sec)