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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Another Great Success!

You're really getting good at making me love your work. LOL. The game is fabulous, it works very well, it has simple and easy to remember controls, it has a very smooth frame rate (well for me) and of course, simple, fun achievements!

I love the game. It's great in all areas and it's related to T E T R I S ' D and Tetris.

Great game, great work. Congratulations. 10/10 5/5

fucking NInja

too Ninja for me...


Addicting, kinda funny when you get smashed but none the less entertaining.

Great game

Yeah iv been having the little bug issue to with dying by standing next to a falling block, but to be honest that's not much of a problem because i remember the flash and my goal was to go as high as i could :PAnd to get past the glitch if you spam J when landing it seems to save you from near death sometimes. I'd really like to see a sequel to this game with possibly more maneuvers like to knock the blocks off the screen(id suggest not going to cliche, and you haven't that's why i like this game) and a smoother transition from jumping from block to block in mid air. Maybe making the medals go thru Newgrounds to :P
But overall good game


It's a great game but I still think I would have prefered it if it was more like the vids... the upright glitch was my undoing as much as the block next to me killing me, expanding the field would have made it even better or an option to see how high I got... still great game to a great series