Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

haha, nice

The game is awsome, and... here are some "cheats":
In the tutorial, you can get the Medals:
"My Up key is Jammed", just standing still.
"Leap, Kangaro", by jumping 50 times (I did it on part 3).
"That was usefull", press 'K' and done the movement (15 times) on the second part.

In the Game, you can jump outside the tetris plataform, came back, use the 'J' and get near again, and press 'K' you can came back from certain death (just don't go too far away, ok?)

NEVER trust the ground '-' (you can be really unlucky, like me ^^) try to keep above the normal line, It's funny to try 'not fall' and you will not be squished.

;P Good Luck guys, and GREAT GAME!! 10/10 5/5


I loved this game. Apart from the ovious glitches, this game is addictive but fun. I won't stop playing till' I've got every medal. And then I'll keep playing.

Cool game$

The player is a ninja his awesome


A very useful trick I found is that, when you do that flip thing with K, blocks will fall through you, leaving you unharmed. It doesn't sound that useful, but I have to use it quite often. Good graphics, good idea, and mort importantly, good gameplay.

Best Game 4 Ever '-'

Awesome, Best Gamee