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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

really fustrating but fun

Games great but there are some problems which can either lead to cheap deaths or to cheating death.
For example (cheating death) when you're about to get crushed and there is no way out you can simply wall jump or climb and you just go through the block itself.
Or for example for cheap deaths you can be standing next to a block that fell and even though you weren't under it you get crushed. The game is great and was part of my childhood but now revisting it I realised it has some...medium problems that probably won't get fixed.

Really fun game. The Wall jump eludes me as I try doing something and it works but try it again and it fails. The survive no jumping is easy, Just use K. If your about to be crushed, use K to get out of it. you can also climb falling blocks using k and stay off the connected platform (should of been an achievement).