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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Cool and addicting game, without the glitches the game wouldn't be fun

cobra0528 responds:

Well that's certainly a fresh outlook! :)

Could be fun if controls got reworked. Wall jumping is terrible and serves only the purpose of "Ninja" medal (doing 4 normally on blocks and the last 2 on the side of the tower, I'm sure it's impossible otherwise).

controls are really sloppy, when you jump left or right it often has a "sliding on ice" feeling.

blocks can kill you even if you arent directly under them, but if you are really close, this gives a "clipping" feeling.

very low quality game with an overrated score.

If you fixed the controls, and added like a wall jump feature, it would be pretty rad. But as is, it seems like one of thoes games that would sink to the bottom of the "brank spanking new games" section by today's standards.

really fun and addictive also rage indusing

good game it is good