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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Great game! It feels a little slow to do parkour though. A diverse moveset would be nice. And it's fun to flip and roll through an upside down J or L, but I don't like getting crushed every time my foot gets stuck in a square place. You should make a smaller "head" hitbox on the top and just push me away from a block I barely touch.

EDIT: Another glitch is me clipping into the bottom of a block then dying when trying to jump. You should check for collision during flip and roll.

It's an awesome classic, never gets old. Played this back years ago, sometimes i got clutch moments that ususally marks my endgame but flip rolled away from death allowing me to continue further, it's my favorite Skill game even to this day

its pretty fun

Meh. The winning strategy seems to be to leap from one edge of the board to the next, rather than staying in one place which makes it very easy to be caught and trapped; yet despite the precision required in handling the dodging and the rapid rate the blocks come down, the character movement is extremely choppy and not precise in the slightest; so it's very easy to get frustrated with "undeserved" deaths. I.E: falling off a cliff or getting trapped under a block mid jump.

good, but some glitches that cause unfair deaths