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Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"


I'd say less than mediocre. The game has too many glitches, useless moves, and no medals. Even on the first part of the tutorial, I stood in the corner of the room, and the figure seemed to get squashed then flicked up and down.

Quite disappointing.

quite good

cool game but i miss the blood if you get killed


Its Epic, Addicting, and FUN
It has some glitches tho
I got 184.45
that proves my true addiction
I would have been cool if you put the robot at 200 seconds

Bugs but fun

The concept is good but there are too many bugs; sometimes I just die for no reason and the roolover doesn't always work. I also find it difficult to move becouse when I land it feels like I landed on ice. But otherwise it's fun and I'm expecting a sequel.

its agonying and glitchy

the games crush detection is horrible, im no where near a falling brick and yet i die, also the game is way to small, it need to be x2 as large and contain some more interesting features besides being able to grab flip onto hard to reach places, and the wall jump is pretty much useless, it just looks cool wherever you can use it, other than that it just kills you.

overall 4/10