Reviews for "T E T R I S ' D: The Game"

Its okay

The controls are fucking sooooo weird. Make the controls better and not as like..."If you tap left your character goes far out the ass left" for instance. A little glitchy but other than that I think you have something that should be released on WII or something =D

Could it be good?

Maybe. It's kind of fun to play for a while (although I think the badge names are somewhat pretentious: 'enjoying it' for 3 minutes? If you don't play for 3 minutes you're not even giving it a chance. Even after 20 minutes, 'addicted' is hardly fair.

Then, the massive amount of glitching. I can climb up through the middle of blocks, I can climb 3 blocks up (though I think this may be intentional), and I can climb blocks in mid-air, and yet sometimes it simply won't let me climb up to the left.

Also, I feel that trying to perform consecutive wall jumps is nearly impossible. Not because of the nature of the task, but because the game seemingly randomly decides that you should be squished in the middle of this or that.

Finally, the control simply feels clunky. Especially the forced position of the action keys. Key reassigning, please?

Sort out the engine and you might have a solid game. As it stands it's interesting briefly but doesn't hold up beyond the shortest play sessions.


Sometimes too when u press play again it takes you to main menu and well is pretty disturbing because it makes grab your mose and over to play again


it haves some serios glitches but is extremely fun 2 play : )

Truly awesome

Now these are the cool games you get adiccted to really good job