Reviews for "Cell shot"

Not bad

Instant game over when you die was extremyly frustrating though. Didn't have the heart to restart after I died. Punishing miustakes too much is not fun.


=:Opening statements:=

~I will start by saying that this game deserves a 5/5 rating, but the better something is the harder you have to rate it, because more is expected. This game gets a 7/10 for this reason.

~Overall this game is a very entertaining one and it looks like you put in a lot of effort to make it. I would say this game is medal worthy.

~The concept of the germ fighting off infected cells is a slightly original change to the shoot and upgrade genre, but because you did not make an original genre (which I wouldn't expect out of anyone) you need to bring more than just a few new things to your game to make it more than average, and even some old concepts just to cover what other people put in their games.


~Gameplay is smooth and easily explained in your "how to play section."

~I like that movement is based on the WASD method rather than the mouse, which helps make gameplay smoother and makes your game laptop friendly.

~I would like the mouse to be a shoot cursor instead, but as it doesn't really affect the gameplay I will let it slide. This is one of those things that get you above average.

~Quality toggle is great, but there is no mute/unmute shortcut key, again one of those extra things that get you above average.

~Pause menu is great, and will be explained further later.


~Plot: You are some sort of antibody responsible for the elimination of infected cells. What you need to add....

~~~Cut scenes. I don't care what of, if a game has a plot further than a reason, I'm impressed. The most easily achieved way this is done is through cut scenes. Show carnage of some sort inside the body or the human sick and as the game goes by getting better.

~~~Bosses. There may be bosses further in the game I didn't get to, but if you put a enemy info section (explained later) I would know of such things and be able to rate them accordingly.

~Powerups: I ran across one when playing on easy, and no other difficulty. There is no other type of power up which is disappointing to say the least. And you can't use the one you get at will other than running into it when you feel like doing so.

~Location: It's always the same place. No cover, no change of scenery. It's fine the way you have it, but it still only gets you an average rating.

~Extras: None. No skin changes for anything, no different sound effects or soundtrack (explained later), no cheats (earnable or otherwise), nothing. Here is a section you need to improve on.

~Statistics: This slightly impressed me. Not many take the initiative to create a statistics board. I would add deaths and powerups used to it as well. Maybe other things if you add them.

~Save feature: Nonexistent. Nor is there a level select to compensate. This INSTANTLY makes you unable to get above a rating of average.

~Pause menu: Excellence. It's like a convenient version of the main menu accessible in game. The only thing it lacks is the statistics button, a very great pause menu indeed.

~HUD: Convenient to say the least. I think some statistic info about that specific run (such as enemies killed and shield health) could be added, but it is good as is.


~The music is a great selection for this game, adding perfectly to it for reasons I don't quite comprehend. But it works.

~There could be more songs added, such as specific waves, bosses (if added), and as already done in the menus.

~Sound effects work good, sounds are present when firing, collecting genetics, and upgrading in the upgrades menu. Nice work overall.

=:Closing statements:=

~Good game and good concept, if I'm ever REALLY bored or in need of a reference of what this type of game should be/ look like when another artist should compare their work for improvement, I will most like turn to YOUR flash to show them. More than decent work.

Reasonable, not great

Amusing, kept me interested long enough to play through it once.

Oh, and all those people below complaining about there only being 15 levels, just try it on a higher difficulty level. Normal has 20 levels...

Not a bad concept

The gameplay was pretty good, except the controls are slow to respond, and the virus, or whatever it is you're controlling is WAY too slow. It makes the game a little more difficult than it probably should have been, but not enough to justify having such slow reaction times to the controls. The animation was pretty smooth. The upgrades need a little work. They're, as stated in an earlier review, very repetitive, and don't seem to do a whole lot for you.


it's a good game but would be better if the game didn't stop at just 15 rounds and you could get all of the upgrades.