Reviews for "Cell shot"

Pretty original and fun!

I don't understand why this game is getting so much hate. It's alot of fun and the the way your virus evolves adds alot of fun to the game. Although the game is not overly challenging, you can upgrade your virus in alot of different areas. I enjoyed playing this and would like to see more games like it.


love cell infecting games


Honestly, the best way to play this game... upgrade nothing at first, just don't move around like a moron, dodge, and save up points. Focus on movement and regeneration for a while, then go for health and shielding, and a few random others here and there, whatever floats your boat.

It takes too long to play through, saving up is a pain, the slow style of the game is so tedious and I found myself bored, fast.

Things cost too much, you don't get enough points from each level, the upgrades are too subtle, change is barely noticeable.

On to the positives....


the whole concept was kinda boring to me. but.... if you want to make it better, decrease the time it takes to get the upgrades, and add more variety to the game... more enemies, better upgrades, etc

its cool

i like the fact you see the evolution, but it pays out a minimum genetics. i can see myself playing this game through but im too lazy lol all in all good game... also stuff are pricey