Reviews for "SW GANGSTA RAP 2"


This is truely the greatest movie ever.

nice ride

hey this was a great submission on my behalf, and my friend agrees with me, any bastards who says nay to this shall have a lightsaber shoved up their ass whilst my stepdad laughs in their face, its not the drawing skills that count vadar 1, its the idea and and the thought that brings it to life dick munch, picky bastards such as yourself is always trying to start some shit, im tired of it, is nothing ever good enough for you?, live with what ya got bitch and accept it, or youll never be happy, anymore? contact me, p.s rot in hell vadar 1 *winks*

sweet. where can i get that music

seriously it rocked


It was good, but you didn't use the whole song. Use the whole damn song next time!!!!!


iv been listing to this song fo a wile good good job