Reviews for "SW GANGSTA RAP 2"


nice attempt on copying the 1st rap..i have 2 admit it sounded more like a rap but the words really didnt have 2 do w/the sw's plot..and the graphics SUCKED

Your flash sickens me.

Star Wars gangster rap was a good song/flash made, but your copy is horrible, it should be deleted! Overall F.

not very good

i dont see how this song is rated to all audiences it has swearing in there you need to correct that and also you should make the drawings look better than you will get a better rating.

was that supposed to be funny?

personnaly i think that sucked ass... wasn't funny at all

the-loafroaster responds:

Well, theres always one, ain't there?
Thanks for the advanced critical analysis, asshole!


man ur horrible animations skills overlaying a beautiful piece of work by bentfram sickens me.. please do do this shit