Reviews for "SW GANGSTA RAP 2"


At least this is original and not stolen like some people have had the gall to do...

good but not the best

i didnt like it as much as i like the old one the graphics were just pics of the characters siging while in the old one it actually had the story behind the lyrics which made it cooler but overall u did an ok job on the visuals, nice job man

it alright

i like those stormtroopers! "more$$$ les death" LOL!

Doesn't live up to the original.

I was kind of disappointed with this one. Being frank, some scenes just weren't good at all. A perfect example is when the imperial side and rebel side sing the alternating verses. It was just so cheesy and annoying. And then the Jar Jar part.... :shudder: It's not all bad though. If anything the movies worth watching just to see the gay C-3PO, I don't know why but I thought that part was so funny. The parts with Lando were pretty good too. Basicly the movie alternates between well-perceived parts and parts that just don't work. I think the problem was that the makers of the movie decided to, unlike the original, go into the extremely offensive side of rap. I'm not easily offended, and I was in no way offended by this movie, but it really just doesn't come out well in a flash movie. The movies really a toss-up. Watch this one if you're interested, but also make sure you watch the original, even if you hate this one, the original was perfect, and now it has the enhanced graphics of the special edition.

catchy song...

Overall, it was a ok submission...nice song but graphics are kinda crap :P