Reviews for "SW GANGSTA RAP 2"

The only reason it got an 8....

Is because the graphics weren't up to scratch...other than that I can't wait to see the next....


Yea I can tell that the new version is gonna be tight. Good work!

bad movie but slappin rap....SW smokeout is better

What the fuck is up wit u people... this is slap... this should have a better score..... at least a 4.5/5

fuckin awsome

yo dis is da shit BIATCH.it was rated wrong though BIATCH.make more fuckin rap BIATCH.im white so i cant say what i was gone to even though my homies allow me to.

good but not the best

i didnt like it as much as i like the old one the graphics were just pics of the characters siging while in the old one it actually had the story behind the lyrics which made it cooler but overall u did an ok job on the visuals, nice job man