Reviews for "SW GANGSTA RAP 2"


Right...To Much Swearing For Being A [Everyone]

:P but screw that

Dude this is crap compared to others

I know of a better and longer one. Same song but longer, and the animation is way better

It was pretty good

It wasnt as good as the first but it was pretty funnny.

good but not the best

i didnt like it as much as i like the old one the graphics were just pics of the characters siging while in the old one it actually had the story behind the lyrics which made it cooler but overall u did an ok job on the visuals, nice job man

Tell you what

I don't care what people say, but this Flash Movie was funny. Yeah, the graffics need to be upgraded more but hell, it was good. Work on those Graphics so that some people can get past thr graphics alone and get what it truly is. Good Job, and keep up the work.