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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck: Ocean Cruise"

I prefer the puzzles instead of the quizzes

One of the best Meet 'N' Fuck classics ever produced!

can't help but feel like fucking the captain while she's trying to steer isn't the smartest idea

Sugars are a kind of carb dumbshit. Also the best diet for weight loss is a keto diet, which is low carb, medium protein, and HIGH FAT.

LMAO, I like how the captain of the ship is a fucking high school girl. Not even an adult, a fucking teenager.

007 is his fucking designation retard, it has nothing to do with having a license to kill, otherwise there'd be no 006 or any other 00's, everyone would just be 007. smfh

Jesus fuck, why's the skin on that guy's dick cracked

This game is perfect the way it is. buut you think you could add items with hints to the questions hidden around the place some of these i had to guess