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Reviews for "Meet'N'Fuck: Ocean Cruise"

the nurse looks like 10 LOL

I wish real life was like this except sex in public

This was the first Meet N' Fuck game that I actually completed, and it is still one of my favorites to this day, even though the ending was ok.

Gonna tell you right off the bat is that there is none of the touching minigames, so that's already good right off the bat. There may be a lot of quizzes, but mostly either you should know the answers already, or just remember the answer to the question when you lose. Now off to the ladies.

Jennifer, the first girl you meet and the second to last girl you do, is such a cutie. When I got to her scene, I was overjoyed. I enjoyed having sex with her. Too bad I can only do her once.

Hannah the librarian has something new, since there hasn't been a sex minigame featuring the 69 position. Hopefully they incorporate it into future games.

Charley, the nurse, is hot in my opinion. Sure, she has big melon tits and probably that turns some people off since we see so many of those here, but I personally don't mind. Her sex part is ok, not really memorable.

Vanessa, the bartender, is quite good looking in my opinion. Her sex scene is pretty standard in my opinion.

Annie is pretty cute. I quite like her sex scene.

Another Vanessa (the actress)? Interesting, they ran out of names. I hate that it's anal sex, but whatever.

I love Anita, I don't know why (maybe it's because of her schoolgirl look, I am a`sucker for that look). I liked her sex part the most and tend to go there a lot. I think the reason why it shows you to click on her boobs was to introduce the other girls that require you to play with their boobs while fucking.

The Stacy and Jessie threesome is something that hasn't been done in a while. Maybe MnF is becoming a little more monogamous? I dunno, but I think the threesome was done pretty well. I kinda hate their quiz the most, but that's just me. I prefer Jesse riding my thing, oh well. Maybe they should add that, a switching of the girls' positions.

Nikki, the artist, is one of the few girls that allow you to cum in her, interesting (the others are the actress Vanessa, Jessie, and I think someone else, forgot her name :P ). "Now it's time for an art quiz?". That's a good way to turn off guys that want to fuck you. Plus this is one of the only sex parts in which you see your own character.

I like Courtney's outfit, I am a sucker for maid outfits. Her sex part pretty much plays the same as Nikki's.

And of course, there is the surprise little twist at the end (not gonna spoil it for you if you want to play to the end). She's the only one that has the extreme option during sex, and personally, while that is supposed to be super fast, it looks just as fast as hard.

I'm gonna give this 5/5 since this was how I got hooked into this series, plus it's still a favorite of mine, even though it takes quite a while to get to my 2 favorite girls. Anyways, hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

I deeply enjoyed this game, to be completely honest. There's a wonderful story line that propels the game throughout its entire playtime, and there's a bit of a challenge too. The twist at the end was fun too! (The first time I played it, that is. It's still fun, just less of a surprise.) I loved the graphics, although some of the boobs were a bit oddly coloured in comparison to the rest of the girl.

My only complaint is that some of the girls are waaaay hotter when you fuck them than their photos in the calendar are.

nice work