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Reviews for "rainState"

This should be on Liquicity!

While I don't think the mixing is perfect, the general construction and progression of this song sounds quite professional. I think the piano could be brought out and made a little stronger (higher treble would help) but it sounds kinda nicely mellow as it is.

I was actually shocked at certain parts of this song by the melodies you're using - they sound amazing, really. This is inspiring to some extent - I want to move into a melodically calmer style whenever I hear one of your songs, and this one is no exception.

In context to the review below, I think that the bass sounds good (though I suppose the sub could be a bit warmer, but it might end up spoiling the strings and mid-range stuff.) I think the kick could be a little wider perhaps, it's very low as it is; but I do like how soft it sounds as a result. I think also that the snare has a tiny bit too much treble (it might be the hats though, kinda hard to tell actually) and that both are just a tiny bit piercing in comparison to the rest of the mix.

Despite some flaws, I like this way too much to give you anything but a ten.

Keep it up!

Alloud responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can get my audio issues sorted out soon and can improve in that aspect more.

I tend to write relatively sedated melodies for my DnB. They're simple but I think they're effective enough to define the mood, and I'm glad you like them too.

Really nice on my ears its great nice flow and beat to it :) glad we have people like you who share this stuff with us.

Alloud responds:

Glad you enjoyed. I'm just happy people listen. o:

WeLL,, Its Emotional
And I Loved Itt xD

Alloud responds:

Glad you enjoyed. :3

Absolutely amazing! It is my favourite song now! I especially like the fast drums and piano mixed. I usually don't like the combination but, this song uses them perfectly. I would love to see more songs like this from you.

Alloud responds:

More should be coming soon!

can i use this for my cod infinite warfare montage

Alloud responds:

Sure. Just credit me and put a link back in the description!