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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "rainState"

Great song!I found this music in Self Defence 101.

Alloud responds:

Awesome! Glad you liked it. :3

This is really awesome! I'm definitely downloading this. I enjoyed the entire song.

Alloud responds:

Sweet, glad you liked it. :3

Ahh, very much enjoyed that piece. So many people nowadays seem to be confusing the Drum n Bass section of Newgrounds for Dubstep number 2...
Just a personal thing, for much of the song you had the beats and middle octave melody, but I'd add some low low accompaniment (even a sustained chord or note), and if possible a high high accompaniment/melody along the second and up verses. Always good to start out slow, then invite the party member by member. Then there's stuff like panning? Volume Automation? Sound Effects? Song is great, but I like to hear a song that can make my adrenaline flow for 3-4 minutes.
A song can become an experience at the very least. Whether you choose to act on that is up to you, good work.

Alloud responds:

Glad you enjoyed!
That's kind of what I used the cello's for, but I lowered some of their lower frequencies.
In this track I wanted to emphasize repetition a little bit more, which I bet a lot of people will disagree with. In most of my songs I'll usually change up the verses later in the track with a higher octave melody in there, but it didn't feel right to me to do that here.
There's a little bit of panning in there, as well as volume automation. It's subtle though so I guess I could have done more. Some songs I do will use lots of effects but I wanted this one to feel a little more natural (it was also rushed out). My next track does make use of more of these things. d:

Thank you for the review!

Flow is very nice.... I think this would be a good song to fall asleep to. Nice work!

Alloud responds:

Thanks for the comment! d:

Awesome. some of the best drum n bass ive heard in a while. keep it up man this is why i love newgrounds for goo stuff like this

Alloud responds:

Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed. :]