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Reviews for "rainState"

Supernice. Good flof, much action while being chilled. Reminds me of Mirrors edge somehow. Even the drums are looped over long passages, but i think thats not a prob. Maybe give it a facelift and make them a littlebit more variable. Anyway: Very cool piece. The reverb on the piano is cool, synth volume-settings are good. Piano could have been a little bit louder.

Voted 5

Best wishes

Alloud responds:

Cheers for the review! I'll keep it in mind next time. Sometimes I like to do songs without too many breaks, but I guess they could change up a bit more.

Also, I love the Mirrors Edge soundtrack. :3

My favorite types of music are ones that create a scene in your head, because you can go anywhere.
Not a thing can touch you,
You, are free.

This is one of those songs that just sounds amazing and not even logic itself can explain it.
Just that beautiful.

Alloud responds:

Yeah, it's nice to lose yourself in some good music. I'm flattered you think that about my track, thanks for the input!

I like it :) I found pretty cool.
Know, that's the kind of music I like, because fans remember my great friends :), this kind of music inspires me so much that I will even cry X)

Alloud responds:

Thanks for the comment! I'm happy you find it inspiring. d:

All... right
I want to mix with you dude. This is a pretty phenominal melody!

Alloud responds:

Awesome. d: Glad you like it.

Respect mate.
It might sound a little weak, but the piano melody near the end, the ''bridge'', was really beautiful. Besides, I'm more a melody lover than a hard ''kick boom'' lover, and I don't like the noise some popular music is, but this is definitely worth submitting anywhere I think.

Alloud responds:

Thanks for leaving your input! I'm glad you enjoyed. :3