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Reviews for "Monument of Non-Existence"

*drools as he is lost in nothingness*

Is that good enough for you?!
It F^@#in' better be! \m/

Lashmush responds:

That will suffice.

The effort you put into this is evident in the boner I have right now. Thank you Lashmush.

On a more critical note, the guitars sound a tad too bright in the upper midrange, destroys my ears when I try and turn up the track loud!! Butt fuck it, it's awesome. I showed it to my metal friends and even the most anal retentive ones were shitting their pants!

Lashmush responds:

I like how you mention anal and pants-shitting in the same sentence. Makes me feel applauded and subconsciously violated simultaneously. c:

Thanks for the feedback!

I never even noticed this was a Dancing Mad remix, but when I heard the pitch rising at 5:45, I was just like "What the hell?" Being the big Final Fantasy fan I am, I instantly knew what it was. I love you for doing this. And as for the vocals you were talking about. I think it would've been... interesting, to hear vocals with this song. I question what they would've been. The world may never know.

Lashmush responds:

might vocalize this and throw it on an Order of Omega album in the future so never say never. c:

Holy mother of...
Dear Lashmush. I have been a huge fan of yours up until now. I love your work, your greatness, your awesomeness. But now... you have made me into an even bigger fan of yours. A follower. If there was a Lashmush cult, I would join. I mean... you went and took an already awesome song, created by none other then Nobuo Uematsu and just... perfected it. Yeah, there's not much in this world I would call "perfect", let alone the music available on this planet, but this... THIS... piece of music... It's godlike. Worthy of song. Untold and unheard of. I am not exaggerating or anything, I am just telling you what's on my mind. These nine minutes of win and pure epicness are that which I would call undescribable.
Long story short: YOU HAVE MY THANKS for making this. KEEP ON ROCKIN' !!

Your loyal follower, Xion Fenix.

Lashmush responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the continuing support. :3

This is 9 minutes of pure win.
With a mandatory derp on the side.
because derp is mandatory for everything. No exceptions

Lashmush responds: