Reviews for "The Dangers of Halloween2"

hmm i kidna like it!

weird style but i actualyl really enjoyed it. It had a... 60 minutes investigative report feel to it

Who does he REMIND me of?!

Dammit! This is gonna bother me all DAY! ...NIGHT!! ...WHATEVER!
Once again, a little something silly and deranged. I'd bow, but....there's an odd cat in my house, and he might attack me again. So I'll just gives 10s and 5s and such.


really funny great job

and it sounds like all news today cnn fox msnbc basicly no one cares about news anymore its just a rateing fight

i think i understand

the guy who said he was saving children is the person who is hurting them....right? i mean the kid pointed at him, and the baby got scared. yeah i might not understand the ending. nice video tho


I was lauging consistently. I like the style for sure!