Reviews for "The Dangers of Halloween2"


The last part was kinda creepy but it ws a good animation

Amazing flash

That was tim henson!!! No wonder.... this... this explains it all. Hilarious flash.

Seriously people

A lot of people are taking this Way too seriously. its a flash, and yes i knopw this is the part where you get to voice your opinion, but come on. this is no worse some of the other things on here. atleast this was funny also. lately NG homepage vids have been ass in a bucket. I liked it, and thought it was well put.


that is the funniest thing i have EVER seen!! 10/10! :D i loved watching it all

This.. pussade

After the interview the interviewer was branded hero and he was branded killer... well Im convinced. The end threw me completely off very unpredictable and the animation when he is typing has a lot of comical character.