Reviews for "The Dangers of Halloween2"


very entertaining, keep the great work dude :D

So freaking hilarious

This is probably the most fun I ever had watching a Halloween cartoon. The animation is as insane as ever, and I like the little things like the keyboard parts just jumping around everywhere. "Homeward Bound" is one of my favorite underrated nostalgic movies, and I am so glad you referenced it. When in doubt, throw in cats. The funniest part was probably when he was calling the woman a bovine with his neck stretching. This stuff is gut bustingly hilarious and may in fact be the best thing you (LazyMuffin) ever made, and it was awesome you got Tomamoto and Egoraptor too.

Turns out HE'S crazy...

Ironic... isn't it? Hmmm yes.


i like how at the ending he looks like he just came down of a x high


lol funny