Reviews for "The Dangers of Halloween2"

Good animation..

Not the best jokes in my opinion. Though, to you they may be funny. Everyone's sense of humor is different ^^

I really did like the animation though, it was very smooth. And the voice acting wasn't static-y and grating on the ears either, so that was another bonus as well.

All and all, you get a decent score from me for animation and over all voice acting;


Keep up the good work ;)


I just sat there stone faced the entire video. I didn't find any of this funny in any way. To me, this is about as funny as the bad sketches in Monty Python. I'm sorry, but I can't give anything higher than a:



REALLY FUNNY, i have to admit, not giving a chance to the person you are interviewing, by saying, MOOOOOOOOO!, MOOOOOOOOO!, is pretty funny LOL, i had a good time.

the animation is great, and the jokes do make sense, this is a really good submission, i loved it LOL, pls make the dangers of christmas, PLS!!!

That was really funny

Unfortunately, the sad side effect of it is that I'm now contemplating suicide after reading the comments left here. Because that is way less work than killing all of the sad, sad bastards that don't understand things. "Soz for any misspells!"

Hahaha!!!! And someone marked that review as "helpful"!

Ha, wow.

I love it. Not the funniest thing ever, but it was really humorous and i have two things to say: Moooo. But-MOOOOOOOOOO!