Reviews for "Captain Planet Strip Club"

Good stuff

Great take on the influences of the times as well as Australia as a key point (Which you don't see enough of)


Wounderful real Life references in there.


When will that captain planet get a break?

That was great!!!

Wow I gotta say yur animations never cease to amaze me, and u have an great sense of humor!!! :)

"AAAAHHHHHH" (Kevy screams and wakes up from a horribly vivid nightmare), but he qucikly realizes it was just a nightmare breaths a sigh of relief and rolls over back to sleep. Then his darling wife asks "are u alright kevy?" Kevy then replies in a hushed almost scared voice " Captain Planet, strip club." Then the wife obviously offended by her husbands words, and was probably thinking that is where husband "kevy" had been all day. So she then decides quickly unleashes a stream of fire and brimstone straight from the gates of hell (her mouth) upon her already terrified husband...The End

Pop-up then zoom.

I rofled at Gooseman being the rep. of Pleasure Island

To see this:
Simply go in the pop-out player and zoom in twice once you see him.