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Reviews for "Clockwords: Prelude"

Quite Good

The only thing that diminishes this tight and entertaining game, is the option to "buy more letters". I want a game to offer me everything it has upfront, I don't want any form of content locked to someone who pays more or sets up some account on a different website.


er, SteveBegin im on lvl 8 atm and havent lost once. the little spiderbots have come close to the safe a couple of times but as long as i keep churning out words they go down no problem.
wish more words were allowed (foreign words wld be cool), or maybe my spelling isnt as good as i thought lol XD


mind challenging game, good for your brain :D
maybe some people didnt like this game ;p

Very addictive

I really like almost everything about this game except it seems like you are expected either to lose many time while you build up your letters or to buy letters through mochi. I don't think it's wrong to let people choose to pay for additional content, but I feel like I'm being punished for not paying.


Really addicting and challenging game. And to the guy below, "Lol" isn't a word, it's an abbreviation.

Now how to favorite this thing..