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Reviews for "Clockwords: Prelude"


but as other people have said, it needs a far larger word data-base, and like other people have said a game needs to offer all of its content upfront. if you want to sell your game put a timer or level limit on it- perhaps a quarter of the actual game-play is available to anyone who doesn't plop down five dollars or whatever you want to price your game.

If you are selling your game, make sure it is one which the price you wish to sell it for is a price that other people are willing to pay- I would not pay 20$ for the full version of this. Might pay a max of five dollars.


why isn't the word ungeant in there? that's upsetting, other than that it was a great game, though perhaps you couldmake some of the instructions a little clearer.

Pretty fun, but...

My letters kept disappearing towards the middle of a level! Somehow by the end of that level all I could get were the same 5 letters over and over. That gets really frustrating after a while.

This game is AMAZING!

For originality and its smooth play. It's a well made game BUT the word bank should be from a big dictionary. There are a lot of missing words... that made me sad.

needs more words

i liked the game. but alot of the words i used werent there.